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Here’s a comparison of world sizes.  The rectangle on the right half of the map is the region of Gary Gygax’s “Oerth” known as the Flanaess or more commonly as the ‘World of Greyhawk.’  To be fair, the implied size of the globe, Oerth, is much larger, probably the size of the actual Earth.  The world of Asdar is about the size of Earth also.  I’m indulging in a bit of my-world-is-bigger-than-your-world.  But in fact, if I just look at the part of the world of Asdar that I most focus on, the Pallathantic Region, it’s really not bigger than the Flanaess.  My world of Asdar map doesn’t adjust for a spherical surface and I assume the Flanaess map doesn’t either.  As I take into consideration skycraft and titancraft vessels in ‘modern’ Asdar, travel time could be short from one side of the Pallathantic Region to the other.


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