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The past few months, I’ve gotten back into miniatures.  I have been buying miniatures and paints like crazy. I also stripped some paint from some old, old metal miniatures. The photos were done with a Galaxy 8+ Note and unfortunately do not show all the detail as they are small objects. The lighting also seems to be washing out the details.


Some old miniatures stripped of the original (terrible) paint jobs and primed for a new lease on life.  They are metal and I used citrus paint remover to strip the paint. There’s a zombie, a barbarian, and a bathalian (Illithid) in the back row. In the front row is a dwarven crossbowman and some sort of sneaky rogue.


Here are some fishmen or Kuo-Toa-like creatures.  In the World of Asdar, they would be either frog-folk (Gishak) or fishfolk (Ithrabbi). I prefer the Ithrabbi.


Here are some mummies that still need some sand put on their bases.


Back to my paints!



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