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What about a new game system for Asdar?


I have been looking at bits and pieces of Pathfinder. I really like the richness of the system and the seemingly unlimited possibilities.  On the other hand, I think more and more about what I’d like to have in a RPG system of my own for Asdar.  For example, classes and multi-classing vs a primarily skill-based system.  I think I would like something modular.  I don’t like a purely skill-based system, because it seems too amorphous. I like the inherent templates in the various player classes like fighter, wizard, sorcerer, rogue, and so forth.  But I would like more flexibility.  What about a major and a minor class system?  The minor class can either be a contrasting area or an extension of like powers to the major class.  The two classes level with each other and it’s still possible to multiclass, so that you have can have a second major class.  NPCs could alternatively have a major class, a minor class, or a major and minor class.  If a player multiclasses and choose a second major class that is really just the full version of the previously chosen minor class, then he can swap out the minor class and choose another minor class, too. But the player cannot reduce a major class back to a minor class, based on the idea that you keep the knowledge and experience you’ve gained. You also have to role-play the minor class in the level before you earn it and the major class two levels before you earn it.  If you don’t actively role-play acquiring a new class level (major or minor), then you can only advance in what you already your classe(s).  Spells level up, so a ‘Burning Hands’ spell gradually builds into fireball and then the equivalent of meteor swarm.

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