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This past week, I outlined a new fantasy world.



Great world, surface area is about 800,000,000 square miles (about 4x earth), diameter is about 16,000 miles, circumference is about 50,000 miles.

artificially created, hollow interior. crust is only about three hundred miles thick

An artificial field of energized water wraps the world, lying in the atmosphere about fifty miles above the surface. This protects the world from harmful radiation and insulates the world. Due to this insulation and its particular weather, the climate is more or less a mild tropical jungle everywhere.  Strange creatures and aquatic life actually live in this water barrier.

The world orbits a huge sun, but in an orbit that is quite far away.

The water barrier allows some of the sunlight to pass through and scatters it.  Some of the creatures living in the water barrier are phosphorescent and from the world’s surface, appear as shifting herds of luminescence.

The surface of the world is almost continuous wetland with numerous small seas and massive, dense tropical jungles stretching as far as the eye can see. Many hills in some areas, but very few mountains.

A pyramid like massive structure rests on the land of the surface on the equator.  This tower extends up 50 miles into the water barrier. It has a hollow channel in the middle, enable passage from the hollow interior of the world out into the atmosphere.

The sky of TC during the day is golden, intensifying to a bright golden center which is where the sun is.  At night, the sky is a deep, dark cobalt blue, but never perfectly black.

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