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Asdaran Adventure Settings

Adventure Settings

Asdar is a whole globe with numerous historical time periods.  The region of the world I focus on most is the Pallathantic Region and the time period is the ‘modern’ or about 2745 AI. The table-top RPG will focus on the year 2745. However, this is much more of a modern, steam-punk style of setting.  For a more medieval setting, the year 1855 AI has been chosen. It is specifically “pre-chaos” meaning that it is before the late Middle Ages of Chaos when the great Chaos Rulers held sway.  It is also before the Voyages of the Ships of the Chaos Fleet.

Within World of Asdar
Pallathantic Region

By Time Period
♦ Modern: 2745 AI: This setting includes all the titancraft technology.  It is not directly comparable to earth technology, but it closest to the late 1800’s with the acknowledgment that aerial transportation is widely used, unlike the late 1800’s in the real world. At this time, humans hold dominion over most of the world and human politics are at the center of civilization. Humanlikes are either within the human sphere, such as dwarves and halflings, or dwell on the periphery of human civilizations, such as orcs, trolls, and centaurs.  The far reaches of the globe have been discovered but not fully penetrated.

♦ Pre-Chaos Medieval: 1855 AI.  Titancraft is non-existent, except perhaps as extraordinarily rare relics from fifteen thousand years ago.  The most common means of aerial transportation is traditional skycraft. 1855 AI is at the beginning of the ‘Age of Steel and Dragons.’  At this time, human have lost much of their dominion in the Pallathantic Region to the encroachment of humanlikes.  Dragons are once again active on the frontiers. Dwarves closely guard the secret of dwarvenfire and use it only to defend their mountain fastnesses from the greatest threats. The golden age of sky and the Yophenthean Empire are centuries in the past. Some humans have chosen to propitiate the ancient Gods of Chaos with the intention of restoring the ancient sway of humans over the world, ie. Human Chaos Sorcerers.

Notable Dominions and Political Struggles
Great Kingdom of the Bearfolk in northern Barathorn
Goblinoids occupy the Basthavudan Valley
Centaurs occupy lower Agogia
Dominion of Lizardfolk of Baihu has collapsed or been defeated ca 1840
Zamaclë endures as independent theocracy with the patron goddess Eriu (Zama).
Various humanlikes establish local dominions (gishak, kumeimidir, Shadevan Troll chieftaincies, beastfolk (musimons), Empire of Dáwan, Minotaur Chieftaincies of Heruliconia, Adamantine Giants, Dominion of Gorcorumb,
Second Commonwealth of the Ithrads rules from the dwarven capital city of Tauhad
Medibgö: power of the sorcerer-king has waned, several chaos sorcerers in the skynesses challenge his power
Magdala (Trevirs): anarchy as struggle within the Flamens of the Changeable Gods and with other chaos sorcerers for dominion continues
Rule of the Xhazha dynasty in Dor-Gazaw (Kvarraga), Zhunfaug the Pandemonic

Dwarvenfire, closely guarded by dwarves
traditional skycraft
dzhahwabatsu “galebelly”, a kind of early dirigible invented and used by the dwarves

Universe of the World of Asdar
♦ World of Asdar (See Above)
♦ Joturnia
♦ Tzirpacallarion


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